Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Food has been on my mind a lot lately.  Mostly because I am trying not to eat as much of it anymore.  I realized a few months ago that my body isn't functioning like it did when I was in my 20's, and if I wanted not to blow up like a blimp, I better start watching what I eat.  Also, I knew that I need to exercise more.  Now I am not one of those people who has to exercise in order to have a good day.  Exercise usually makes me have a not so nice day.  It tires me out, makes me even hungrier, and causes me to have to change (and therefore, wash) clothes. 

My oldest son works out a lot.  I think he is crazy.  Why would you want to do any exercise activity that starts with the word "insane" in its title?  And I don't have the time or the motivation to do an exercise class or video that takes an hour a day. Or something that makes you sweat buckets.  Or makes you have violent thoughts towards the instructors.  I do have a bike, and I am thinking of using it.  That's not too bad, at least I will be going somewhere.  I ran a race once, but that was 6 kids ago and the only running I do now is when one is heading for the road.

I decided at the end of last year, that I needed to get my butt in gear and quit finding excuses to exercise and eat right.  I always have to think these things over before they become reality.  So about a month later, in early Janurary, I bought a workout video and talked my hubbie into working out with me.  He actually agreed, he's one of those that likes the day-after soreness that comes from working out too hard.  He's also one of those that cuts down on his meal portions, and he loses weight.  Makes me sick.  But I still love him. 

So after a month, we both have been tracking our calories, exercising as often as I can be persuaded, (which is about 3 times a week) and trying to make healthier foods.  After doing all this, I have figured out why many people are overweight.  It's friggin hard to eat right.  I have to plan ahead for my lunches, I have to redo some of my dinner meals, and I have to search out recipes online.  And there's so much more prep.  I can't just take something out of the fridge and eat, unless I want that to be my last meal of the day.  I have to mix, measure, blend, chop, and count just for my lunch. It's exhausting!  And the few times I have made double so I have an easier time for lunch the next day, my wonderful husband eats it all.  And still loses weight!

The tuna mix I made today.  I doubled it so I would have enough
for tomorrow.  Steve came home and ate 2 servings of it.  I am not
sure there's enough for me to have one serving tomorrow.  Sigh.

"But don't you feel better?" you say.  Nope.  Feel the same.  I know I have lost a little weight, and my baby pooch is a little smaller and I think I saw a muscle in my arm yesterday, but that's it.  And I know I shouldn't compare, but my eternal companion has lost twice as much as me and he has muscles.  Really, REALLY aggrevating.  Oh well.  I think I will keep trying, maybe I will have to walk to the promised land one day and it will all be worth it.  What do you think??

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wordless Wednesday!

A few of our adventures lately:
Super Bowl Monday

Super Bowl Monday with the food spread - Yum!

Mommy and Nicholas playing with the new phone.

Dad letting Nicholas practice his driving skills.

Our only snowman of the winter so far.  Everett was proud of it!

I know it was supposed to be "wordless" Wednesday, but I couldn't help myself.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!  I still have to post the pictures of Riley's Eagle Court of Honor!  So proud of him!


Thursday, December 06, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time flies!

Well I made it through the summer with all my marbles!  I keep forgetting about this little blog, not even sure if anyone reads it.  But I will keep trying to update it, if only to make me feel like I am accomplishing something.

The summer went well, the kids were sufficiently bored by the time that August rolled around, so they were so grateful to get back to school.  My plan worked!  They all have settled into school and are doing well.  I thank my lucky stars weekly that we are able to live here where the schools are good and I don't have to argue with the office help whenever I want to leave a message for my kids. (Which you can't do in Vegas schools, no clue why.  Must be a Nevada rule that some bored school superintendant came up with to make it look like he was being productive.)  I still have issues with Nevada in general, but that's a different post all together. 

Everett and Stephen on 1st day of school

James, Derek and Riley on 1st day of school
Anyway...back to reality...life just seems to be dragging me along.  Some weeks I feel like I have a handle on things, and some weeks I can't figure out which end is up and why I keep letting things drop through the cracks.  But I keep pushing on, thinking that someday it will all click and my to-do list will be the correct length and will be all crossed off by day's end.  Of course, I try to be mindful that the most important things aren't usually on my list, like sit down and play with the kids!  It's amazing how much sweeter they are when I spend some time with them and really focus on them and not try to multi-task.  Why has it taken me this long to figure that out?  Any why can't I freeze them at my favorite ages?  Those are the important questions, folks.  If you have any answers, please feel free to leave a comment!

Ain't he the cutest?  He's patiently waiting for his birthday cupcake!

Derek and I went to a Lindsey Stirling concert for his birthday.  So fun!

Riley and Dad at a court of honor.  He's so grown up!

Andrew and Rachel enjoying the last days of summer.  Andrew came
over just to eat our food. 
 Well, as they say in The Princess and the Frog, "back into the fray!"  (But I really love the fray I call my life!)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rudy the Dog

Our Rudy is gone.  He was getting pretty old, had some digestive issues and we found out that he had some tumors that had invaded several of his organs.  Even with all this, and knowing what was best for him, it was hard to let him go. 

As dogs go, he was the best.  He was so patient, so willing to put up with crazy kids, and so loyal.  He never drooled on people, he rarely barked,  and had a doggie smile that could melt your heart.  He always knew when we were going to have pizza for dinner, even when we had just called in the order.  He would try to look hungry and give us the wide-eyed look of adoration in hopes of some crusts.  He stole many a pb&j sandwich from careless kids, and loved to sit under the babies' chairs to wait for morsels.  He tripped many a kid as they ran, and would try to join in the wrestling that was always taking place.  He would come to me when he was scared of the storms, and when he had enough of pulling from little kids.  He once came and hid behind me when Andrew was trying to get him to go outside.  He was usually at my side and I could almost guarantee that if I moved to another room, no matter how tired he was, he would get up and follow me.   When I went to bed, he did his best to sneak into the master bedroom to stay with us at night.  Once when Steve was trying to get him to go out for the night, he kept looking at me when Steve would tell him to go to bed as if to say, "But you said I could stay!". 

Other people have watched him for us when we have gone on vacation, and it has never gone well.  He would throw up, poop and pee all over the place until we would get home.  He loved all the kids and was always excited to see them when they would get home from school or some other long absence.  He loved all of us, even when we forgot about him.  He was that constant in our lives and we loved him for it. 

His last week was hard for us because we all knew what was coming.  We loved him, talked about the funny things he did and did our best to spoil him.  We all went to the vet to be there with him, and it was hard and peaceful at the same time.  He was his loving self, right up to the end.  With that pure love that he gave us, we are sure that he will be there to greet us in heaven. 

We miss him for sure, a piece of our family is gone.  My floors are messy with food now and every time I see a dog hair on the kids, I feel a little sad.  I still look for him, and sometimes I imagine I hear him snoring at night.  I miss my hairy shadow. 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Our family has just gotten through an amazing and busy weekend, that tops off an amazing and busy few weeks.  Amazing in the sense that the things we have been able to experience and participate in for the last few weeks is probably a once in a lifetime event for most of us.  With the Kansas City temple open house, Steve and I were able to be tour guides for a day.  I was so nervous about doing that and guiding people through the temple, and wondering if I would remember all the points I needed to make.  But with a lot of reading and prayer, it all went off without a hitch.  I really enjoyed giving the tours; everyone that we encountered were so respectful and gracious.  There were many non-members that came on our tours and I hope they felt the spirit and went away with a feeling of peace.  I really wish I had been able to do more tours and be there daily.  I look forward to the day when I can serve in the temple more.

The three oldest boys had the opportunity to participate in the cultural celebration that took place on Saturday, May 5th.  James for one was so thrilled to be able to do this, since his 12th birthday was on that day!  He said it was the best birthday ever!   It was held in the municipal auditorium in Kansas City and since we were parents of youth participating, we got to go as a family and see the event live.  What an amazing sight!!  There were about 3000 youth participating, and the sheer size and scope of the event was mind-boggling. 

No clue where my kids are in this picture.

Each stake put on a different cultural dance or skit, and they all did amazing work. Our stake did a German polka, which our ward participated in, a Russian dance and the Polynesian ward did a great job presenting their culture through dance and song. They were one of my favorite acts, after my talented boys, of course!

The Polynesian ward and their talented dancers.  They brought
so much energy and fun!

We managed to find Derek and James in the German Polka number, and figured out where Riley was later.  He was singing in the choir as well, so he did a lot of moving around. 

Derek and James are in the circle in the middle of the picture with their backs to us. 
Riley was in the circle on the left. 

Here they are again, right smack in the middle, dancing in a manly way.

The Joplin, Missouri stake put on a moving number about rebuilding and helping out after the devastating storms they endured last year.  They were accompanied by a great singer, Kenneth Cole who sang a song titled "Broken Hearts".  It was really wonderful and moving.  I don't think there was a dry eye after they were done.  Even when the cameras were trained on the kids, they were teary as well.  The audience gave them a standing ovation when they were done, it was really special. 

The Joplin kids starting their number. Those are frames of houses that they put
together during the song.   
And of course, the Prophet was there and gave a great little pep talk to the kids before they started.  And when the event was over, he waved to everyone and wiggled his ears for them.  They loved it!  I was too busy clapping for them, and didn't get a picture when they were all waving their colored shirts at him to say good-bye, but this one is right before he walked out of the arena to leave.  He was so gracious and took the time to applaud them and spend a little time waving to them before he had to go. 

Words really can't express how wonderful it was to be able to participate in all these things the past few weeks.  To be able to see my kids have fun and build their testimonies and participate in something so wonderful has been such a blessing to me.  I really hope that they remember this for a long time and remember the feelings that they had on that day. 

Of course, the best experience was the temple dedication today.  To feel the Spirit as that beautiful building was dedicated through prayer was a moment that will stay with me.  I love living here and am so grateful that we were able to move here in time to take part in all these wonderful experiences!